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Specifically, in households where the father works 9 to 5 and the mother works a nonstandard schedule, adolescents reported higher levels of closeness to their parents than households where parents both worked standard schedules, Hendrix said.
In the Army's ERP environment, a nonstandard, non-cataloged item is defined as an item not found in the Army Enterprise System Integration Program (AESIP) material master catalog or in the GCSS--Army catalog.
Since were(n't) in nonstandard positions was definitely not a salient feature of (British or American) Early Modern English, one may wonder whether this phenomenon appeared in the New England dialect of the second half of the 19th century--and if so, whether there might be a connection between nonstandard were(n't) in the New England territory and nonstandard were(n't) in the Mid- and South Atlantic states, the latter described in the subject literature (see sections to follow for a detailed discussion).
The Conning Research study, "The Nonstandard Auto Insurance Market: Evolutionary Challenges" reviews the recent history and performance of this market, and explores the forces shaping change in the segment.
In the late 1990s, maw nonstandard auto insurers attempted to capture more business by reducing rates.
The new technology uses a database of ''Tron codes'' assigning an identification number to each nonstandard character.
Some large information-motivated trades may be executed with nonstandard settlement to avoid the limit-order book.
headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, is a holding company for two property and casualty insurance companies that offer commercial multi-line products and nonstandard, private passenger automobile insurance.
High percentages of Americans work nonstandard schedules over the course of their worklife; almost 90 percent of those ages 14 to 18 in 1979 had at least one such experience by age 39, with some marked differences by gender, race or ethnicity, and education.
is a nonstandard property and casualty insurance holding company.
Helioseismology -- observations of the way the sun's surface rises and falls in a pattern of oscillations -- provides one of the best checks on these nonstandard models by supplying information about the sun's internal structure, for example, how deep the sun's convective zone goes.
Nonstandard Work in Developed Economies: Causes and Consequences.