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Aristotle himself grants that there can be substantial change while a nonsubstantial feature remains the same.
Somewhat ironically, the rejection of substance that led Buddhists to reject Brahman and Atman opened the door in Hartshome to an affirmation of a nonsubstantial God and human self.
Derderian, Note, Reimerdes, Chamberlain, and RealDVD: THE DMCA and a Doctrine of Nonsubstantial Infringing Uses, 86 NOTRE DAME L.
On the practical level of musical production and expression, such vulgarity is instantiated through rock's constant reinvention of the ephemeral, the fleeting and nonsubstantial, its celebration of grandiose pointlessness verging, at times, on transfixing dumbness.
Mummichogs (Fundulus heteroclitus) were placed inside the mesocosm to help control mosquito larvae populations and other insects but were removed before each testing to limit nonsubstantial variables.
d) Substantial exposure, [greater than or equal to] 5 years of exposure at medium or high levels of intensity; nonsubstantial exposure, < 5 years of exposure at medium or high levels of intensity, but still [greater than or equal to] 5 years of exposure at any intensity; exposed only at R = 1, exposure only at the lowest level of confidence; other exposures, exposures totaling < 5 years.
It is, however, indebted to the challenges and opportunities left by Einstein's scientific program and its postulate of a superpersonal, nonetherial, and nonsubstantial spirit.
Nonsubstantial biocommunication in terms of Dicke's theory.
I suspect the nonsubstantial and interdependent processes by which we materialize moment by moment as creatures need an event-cosmology to harbor them in our attention.