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The addition of higher content of MCs can lead to rapid polymerization of BADCy, causing nonuniform structures and more flaws such as voids as shown in Fig.
PNS2 (Periodic Nonuniform Sampling of order 2) deals with two periodic samplings [t.
The statistical significance of the interaction term (model 1) is used to test for nonuniform DIF.
Investigation into nonuniform photonic band-gap microstripline low-pass filters, IEEE Trans.
Our main objectives are to give some integral characterizations for these four stability concepts ((h, k)-stability, uniform exponential stability, exponential stability in the sense Barreira-Valls and nonuniform exponential stability) and to establish relations between these stability concepts.
The equivalent temperature (formerly equivalent homogenous temperature) is defined as "The uniform temperature of the imaginary enclosure with air velocity equal to zero in which a person will exchange the same dry heat by radiation and convection as in the actual nonuniform environment" (SAE 1993; ISO 2004).
In this paper investigation of perfect reconstruction of oversampled filter bank is carried out using uniform and nonuniform frequency bands.
have left the opening chapters on microwave network theory, characteristics of planar transmission lines, analysis of uniformly coupled lines, broadband forward-wave directional couplers, parallel- coupled TEM directional couplers, and nonuniform broadband TEM directional couplers largely untouched, save for some additions and changes made to accommodate the multiplayer design of coupled lines.
Comparing data from different scans greatly reduced uncertainties due to motion of the sample and to nonuniform detector sensitivity, Bosman says.
Besides, flow distribution within the opening is mostly nonuniform depending on the outside wind and temperature conditions (Gan 2000; Li et al.
Hard-metal surface coatings have been attempted previously but have tended to be porous, brittle, and nonuniform in thickness, the company claims.
The girls have already raised pounds 3,000 including donations from friends and family and a nonuniform day at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour primary school, Widnes, where Mr Dalton was head governor.