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Using the Human Resource Utilization Survey, the authors calculated the average nonworker rates between 1993 and 1998 by county.
As a sensitivity test, I also use the method of imputing wages to nonworkers employed by Juhn and others (1991) and by Juhn (1992), modified slightly as suggested by Blau and Kahn (2007).
Alabama 2004 Underemployment Survey Results (Percent) General Employed Nonworkers Underemployed 1.
In terms of exercise, Americans in the workforce -- those employed full or part time -- and the unemployed exercise more than nonworkers.
Lastly, we make estimates for nonworkers aged 55 and older (not shown).
As the ratio of nonworkers to workers increases in the economy, a decline in individual savings and investments rates is likely, which could reduce living standards.
The EITC is also separate legislation from any benefits for nonworkers.
Despite this advantageous perspective, Ghilarducci reveals a familiar position when she writes, "whether an economy can support nonworkers depends more on productivity growth and the size and strength of the tax base rather than on the ratio of workers to beneficiaries.
The dependency ratio in East Asia of working people vs nonworkers is more than 2.
You have a workers compensation brain injured patient who is in the same hospital room as a nonworkers compensation patient, and the difference in resources is like night and day," said one worker.
For the main logistic regression analysis, we compared full-time workers (n = 47) to nonworkers (n = 63) to provide the clearest comparison (Table 4).