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The simulations used in this paper clearly show that the thumb rule of 'n [greater than or equal to] 30' for the CLT to provide a good normal approximation to the probability distribution of the sample mean does not work in the case of a heavily skewed probability distribution such as a typical slot game, and that the normal approximation is valid even for moderate sample sizes when the game has a symmetric probability distribution of payouts (e.
Chatterjee [7] provides a rate of normal approximation for the statistic [[?
A hexagonal field of variation was calculated by means of normal approximation including arithmetic means, standard deviations, and upper or lower confidence limits ([C.
i] is the normal approximation to the reported F-test from the ith study, and a measure of the parameter variability on a common scale.
We can compute the normal approximation of this binomial probability by solving for E(r) and [[sigma].
For the Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test, the normal approximation formula is:
Therefore more than one third had values of the denominator that were too small for the normal approximation to be adequate.
pp] by the same normal approximation method are found m Greenwich and Jahr-Schaffrath (1995).
The normal approximation used in phenotypic distributions of body size may not be appropriate.
The two normal approximation Equations 9 and 10 and the "hybrid" approximation using Equation 7 and the true [K.