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This time last year was before the credit crunch and it was at about half above its normal capacity and it was over-heating.
The statement clarifies that abnormal amounts of idle facility expense, freight and/or handling costs and wasted materials (that is, spoilage) should be recognized as current-period charges, and it requires the allocation of fixed production overheads to inventory based on the normal capacity of the production facilities.
When we were in Portugal for Euro 2004 last summer a virus attacked his ticker and now it only operates at one-third normal capacity.
During each shaking, the tail artery constricted to about half its normal capacity.
The normal capacity of its blending plant is 12 thousand metric tonnes per annum.
The unit had been scaled down to 80pc of its normal capacity, but a large number of unexpected staff absences forced its temporary closure.
Although some supplies have been getting through, production is running at 50% of normal capacity.
A spokesman at the hospital said his decision "was a personal matter" but confirmed he would still work at the hospital in his normal capacity.
Configure advanced boot image file options, such as whether the files have extended or normal capacity.
It dumped as much as two feet of rain a day throughout the region, inundating not just coastal and mountain areas, but also large cities bisected by rivers whose flow was swollen far beyond their normal capacity.
Symptoms related to kidney failure usually occur only in late stages of the disease, when kidney function has diminished to less than 25 percent of normal capacity.
The poor softwood lumber market has led to a situation where it is not profitable for us to run at normal capacity," said Stanton.