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We shall see in Section 4 that, in the same regime, the stationary measure [pi] (the Gibbs measure) exhibits normal concentration of measure for Lipschitz functions in the following sense.
With a normal concentration of [beta]-globulins of approximately 300 mg/dL (3 g/L), we estimated the monoclonal protein concentration at approximately 1600 mg/dL (16 g/L).
Previous study reported that the normal concentration of arsenic in human plasma is 2.
Iatrogenic hypoglycemia results from the treatment of diabetes to achieve a near normal concentration of glucose in the blood.
One key acid group was more than half its normal concentration.
In most US clinical laboratories, 15 [micro]mol/L is the cutoff value for a normal concentration of HCY for adults.
We also experienced a higher than normal concentration of lower margin direct sales goods in our women's mass merchant division.
Considering upper reference cutoffs of 46 and 51 ng/L for the Allegro Nichols and the LIAISON PTH assays, respectively, 4 of our 38 patients with surgically confirmed PHPT had a normal PTH concentration in both assays, 3 had a normal concentration in the Allegro assay but a high concentration in the LIAISON assay, whereas 4 had a high concentration in the Allegro assay but a normal concentration in the LIAISON assay (Fig.
For example, fruit flies and mealworms raised in chambers for just one generation with twice the normal concentration of oxygen grew 3 percent larger bodies than those reared in standard conditions, says Jon F.
Although incoming orders continue to outpace last year, the ERP system issues, coupled with a higher than normal concentration of orders late in the second quarter, impacted Enesco's ability to ship product at planned levels.
Urine SRM 2670 consists of two sets of urine samples, one containing an increased concentration of arsenic and the other containing a normal concentration of arsenic.
Made with spring water, Clearly Canadian super-oxygenated unflavored water is enhanced with up to 10 times the normal concentration of oxygen naturally found in water.