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Acknowledging his debt to Foucauldian discourse analysis--which holds that the assertion of normality is in fact an "exercise of power" (25)--Carter devotes much of his book to analyzing discursive texts that are unlikely to be familiar to contemporary readers, but which have nonetheless exerted a shaping influence on American life.
In fact, in Serbia during the '90s, the term normality became a kind of ideological password, part of a code meant to sublimate societal antagonisms through the invocation of "the nation" or of a postcommunist version of capitalism, or both.
Located on higher ground than the rest of New Orleans, the gay-welcoming French Quarter was one of the first neighborhoods to regain a semblance of normality after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
The Fairfax Cryobank's site is a gallery of Renaissance men; most are (or claim to be) tall, athletic, social, and smart, all within the comfortable bounds of normality.
First, the assumption of normality for the distribution of the errors appeared to be maintained when examining the standardized residual plot [Figure 2].
David and Victoria Beckham's decision to call their first son Brooklyn shrieks of normality when compared to examples unearthed by the Cornwall Record Office dating back to the 16th century.
Postwar developments in Soviet bloc societies, which might have provided an important counterpoint to a seeming flight to normality in Western Europe, receive little attention.
Considering her rootless hippie upbringing and her father's unrepentant lifestyle, her normality comes across as extraordinary.
The Tognatos have now taken on a new mission: to inform the school system and families about the longing for normality of many differently able young people and about the prospects offered to them by FC.
The RCM's own top concern was promotion of the normality of birth.
Using Studentized Statistics to Test for the Normality Assumption in a Regression Model.
On the other hand we have a young woman who has decided to go back to Afghanistan to help her country return to something like normality.