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While giving information about the EU's role in the Turkey-Armenia normalization process, Szombati also noted that the EU welcomed the protocol signed between the Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers on Oct.
While pushing for normalization of Pakistan-India relations in the new book, the expert notes that some in India might greet a new American initiative with scepticism, but the recently completed American policy document on India actually encourages regional cooperation, and a carefully crafted U.
Nowadays normalization has become a major point of discussion in Palestinian society.
As Israel failed to effect the hoped cultural or political normalization
Gordon Rustin noted that its strengths included a large patient population and a clear indication of improved rates of recurrence-free survival with CA 125 normalization.
However, the normalization - which is allowed for the government and prohibited for other forces - has become a card raised in the face of some people and used to threaten others, while the relationship with Israel remained unsettled among the Egyptian elite groups.
Codd, the acknowledged father of relational database and normalization, initially defined normalization as the "very simple elimination procedure" to remove non-simple domains from relations (Codd, 1970, p.
The United States has been upholding its position that normalization of relations with North Korea depends on complete denuclearization of the North.
Equalizing fluorescence signals in two-color arrays is the most basic type of normalization.
We have also made clear that the situation in Darfur would slow the process of normalization of relations, which we have said that we would pursue were there a peace settlement between the government of Sudan and the SPLM.
Konrad Biesalski, an eminent orthopedist who led German's rehabilitation efforts during the war, German doctors and rehabilitation specialists proclaimed five principles of normalization, thought highly progressive at the time.
On Koizumi's decision to resume normalization talks in October, the Asahi Shimbun and the Mainichi supported it, but the Yomiuri and the Sankei Shimbun suggested prerequisites.