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This theory will be operationalized in three case studies on areas of transnational law where new forms of rulemaking coincide with a broad societal discussion on their normative foundation: financial markets (lex financiaria), internet governance (lex digitalis), and agricultural markets (lex agraria).
Moreover, they have difficulty explaining how normative facts can guide action.
Consequently, under a normative condition or DAL, a dictator is free to posit any law with the political power in hands ignoring the legitimacy and validity aspects of law.
H4: Normative influence for public and private luxuries will be equally strong among young adults
Finally, the section concludes with a chapter wherein Hill interprets the Doctrine of Virtue as Kant's statement of his normative ethics.
Graham puts forward a well-reasoned and detailed explanation of the strategist's approach to dealing with US-Russian relations, which includes appropriate normative values and ideals.
The normative data then developed from the proportion of children who can perform a skill and the actual performance of these children.
For members of non-normative groups, being singled out and having to explain oneself vis-a-vis the implicit standard of a more normative group can negatively affect their group-based sense of self-worth, regardless of the specific evaluative content of intergroup comparisons - likely because being the effect to be explained is experienced as stigmatising, othering, and disempowering," she wrote.
As such, normative military necessity does not prohibit or restrict.
Sepielli takes noncognitivism to be a psychological theory about normative judgment, and expressivism to be the semantic theory endorsed by most noncognitivists.
But Reason Papers is an interdisciplinary journal, not a journal of philosophy, and to that end, the journal's mission has always been guided by an epistemological ideal of integration or coherence that extends beyond armchair reflection on normative concepts.
Though there are no previous findings in the Indian context, it is hypothesized that respondents who have been inducted early and trained for longer duration will exhibit higher affective and normative commitment and will also exhibit higher job satisfaction.