not allowed

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He said that hitting someone's personality through social media, or character assassination was not allowed in any case.
He said Nawaz Sharif was elected three times by the people but the decision was mocked every time as he was not allowed to complete his term.
Echoing similar sentiments, another Congress leader PL Punia said that it has become a trend in the floor of the house where opposition leaders are not allowed to speak.
He said the VFA, which was ratified by the Senate in 1999, explicitly stated that US forces are not allowed to build permanent structures anywhere in the Philippines.
Employment of women in coffee shops is banned--Women are not allowed to work in some fields.
Foreign nationals working in Liechtenstein are generally not allowed to live in the Principality, even if they are employed by a Liechtenstein company.
MY PARTNER and I love our racing and are slowly but surely making our way around all Britain's racecourses, but I have a question for them: why are dogs not allowed in?
WHEN Ann Summers parties started in 1981 women were not allowed to express desire as openly as we are now.
Beirut, 24 Rabi'I,1437 AH, 04 January,2016 , SPA -- Lebanese Justice Minister Major General Ashraf Rifi stressed that the Secretary General of Hezbollah party, Hassan Nasrallah, is not allowed to confiscate the decision of the Lebanese people and not allowed to attack the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first unprecedented supporter of Lebanon, its institutions, national unity and people at all levels.
The Sharjah Education Zone, under instruction of the Ministry of Education (MoE), has launched an investigation into the case of a seven-year-old student who was not allowed to drink and eat throughout the day while in school.
Professor Biljana Vankovska reminds in Nova Makedonija that the "sin" of Roma actress Emra Kurtishova, who was not allowed to leave the country, was because he did not have enough money in cash.
Mohammad Azim Baligh, an elder of the district, believes girls should not attend schools jointly with boys because it is not allowed in Islam.