not answerable

References in classic literature ?
The Teton says through me, who am no more than a mouthpiece, and therein not answerable for the sin of his words, but he says, as this good woman is getting past the comely age, it is reasonable for you to tire of such a wife.
I am not answerable for a deplorable calamity, which it was quite impossible to foresee.
India has never accepted the diktat that the queen is not answerable to the law.
We squarely reject this view, and recall that the Constitution clearly defines the Audit Service as an 'independent service of the Republic, not answerable to any ministry', and therefore not the Interior ministry.
The PTI chairman on Tuesday strongly reacted to a rebuff by the Election Commision, which in response to his letter stated that being a constitutional body it was not answerable to and would not accept any diktat from any political party.
ISLAMABAD -- Election Commission is an independent and constitutional institution and is not answerable to any political party .
The ECP wrote in its response to the PTI today that the commission is an independent, constitutional body and is not answerable to any political party.
Similarly, the owner was content to receive a relatively moderate and leisurely return on his money and was not answerable to a large and alien body of directors and shareholders, demanding ever increasing returns.
Diminishing youth's unaccountable times and unobserved spaces (the times when adolescents and young adults are not answerable to parents or other adults, and are in spaces where they are out of the sight of adults).
And don't ask me why I went because that question is not answerable.
The public votes in councillors to represent them but the real power is wielded by unelected civil servants who are not answerable.
And the fellow thinks he can get away with it because FIFA, a non-governmental organisation, is not answerable to anyone except its own cabal of secretive members.