not applicable

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Lockheed Not applicable Delivered its 7000 Various customers
Northrop Not applicable Reports Global Hawk AV-6 Nasa
457 deferred compensation plans, under which state and local governments and tax-exempt entities must meet certain eligibility standards and limits not applicable to plans of taxable entities.
The district court held that the cap on attorney fees of 150% of the award that was specified in the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) was not applicable when the fees were greater than 150%, but that a deduction of 25% of the $201 award would be made to offset part of the attorney fees, under the requirements of PLRA.
Although he then supported this resolution, Kotch now feels that this resolution is not applicable to him.
I note this only because billing practices for physician assistants in the area of workers compensation, in all but two states, are not applicable as they are for the Medicare program.
Number of shares, debentures or financial instruments relating to shares disposed NOT APPLICABLE 12.
Del Valle, Castaic: plastic equipment, not applicable.
While there are certain similarities in the applicable rules, SEPs and SARSEPs are subject to special rules and limitations not applicable to qualified plans that are often misunderstood or misinter-preted by the person (usually not a professional adviser) "administering" the SEP program.

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