not authorized by law

See: illegal
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The (read from charge) was something of value, benefit or advantage to [(defendant)] [a person in whose welfare (defendant) was interested] not authorized by law.
The testimonials of gendarmes who were ordered by the prosecutor to intercept the trucks laden with arms provide a detailed picture of how MyT had been transporting arms to groups in Syria with political support from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), despite the fact that it was not authorized by law to do.
2 million (67%) had a visa status for which employment is not authorized by law, such as foreign students and independents of guest workers.
The caretaker Cabinet is not authorized by law to allocate money for new infrastructure projects.
The unions said they have concluded the county is spending "most" of the $407,000 in ways not authorized by law.
In May 2007, the Legislature enacted Chapter 2007-62, Laws of Florida, which recreated a revamped system of court-appointed counsel to represent indigent defendants primarily in those cases in which the public defender has a conflict of interest or is not authorized by law to provide representation.
The city claimed the consent decree was invalid because it contained a finding of pre-emption of state and local authority by the federal government that is not authorized by law.
Independent of section 6103, it is a misdemeanor under section 7213(b) for an officer or employee of the United States to divulge or make known in any manner not authorized by law "the operations, style of work, or apparatus of any manufacturer or producer visited by him in the discharge of his official duties.
Do not purchase contact lenses from gas stations, video stores, websites, or any other place not authorized by law to dispense contact lenses.
It follows that if an institution is not authorized by law to collect and share personal data or that if the individuals concerned have not given consent for the collection of their personal data, it is unconstitutional to collect and share such personal data.
If the court finds that the judgment was rendered without jurisdiction, that the sentence imposed was not authorized by law or is otherwise open to collateral attack, or that there has been such a denial or infringement of the constitutional rights of the movant as to render the judgment vulnerable to collateral attack, the court shall vacate and set aside the judgment and shall discharge or resentence the movant, grant a new trial, or correct the sentence as may appear appropriate.