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I felt an inexpressible relief, a soothing conviction of protection and security, when I knew that there was a stranger in the room, an individual not belonging to Gateshead.
Overall, lower levels of school achievement, feeling unsafe at school, feelings of not belonging at school, and feeling sad were positively associated with being a victim rather than a bystander (Arch.
The most-cited reason for not belonging to a gym is a lack of time, Howland said.
She ends by telling of her sense of not belonging anywhere and continuing to believe that Israel has no right to exist in the physical space taken from people who should possess that land.
For Christians, in the New Testament, the steward is also pictured as a servant-manager of things and persons not belonging to him.
How could I think of not belonging to the network that nurtured me and comforted me through those periods of self-doubt and tribulation?
As Freed notes, "I do not belong here, and I have had to turn not belonging into a triumph.
He and his wife, while not belonging to any church themselves, brought up their two children as Catholics.
The tenuous sense of belonging (or not belonging, since homelessness seems an omnipresent theme) these objects convey was magnified in Spence's largest and most impressive work, a series of mud-covered animals made from stuffed toys and bathrobes.
Hotshots" were popular and academically successful, "jocks" had a strong interest in organized sports, and "regulars" were described as not belonging to any group and typical of junior-high students.
3 million votes in support, which we feel included the vast majority of independent shareholders (those not belonging to the Company's management or their families), and approximately 21.
The odds of the body fluid stains found on Woolley's bedspread not belonging to Hazlett are 600 billion-to-1, prosecutors said.