not biased

See: impartial
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I am not biased for you, but I am biased in favor of your work," he said.
The bridge is not biased as a multi-field support, design and has a length of about 140.
Moreover, Art Now is not biased by paid listings or advertising, nor is the content curated in any way.
Finally, it's VERY important to remember when reading about cancer cures that you make sure you do your homework and determine whether the results are reliable, significant and not biased.
India's stance, he said, is not biased despite the pressure on New Delhi, unlike the positions of the Western countries and the US.
Nearly 45 per cent said court decisions were fully substantiated and Supreme Court rulings were not biased.
Summary: Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora called Sunday for the election of a new president who can achieve inter-Lebanese reconciliation and who is not biased toward regional or international powers, in what appeared to be an implicit rejection of MP Michel Aoun's bid for the presidency.
aAccording to Iskrov, his earlier statement about the aholea in KTB's credit portfolio and the missing millions from the vaults, is not biased by his personal opinion.
Cabinet Office guidance under successive administrations has been clear that official government communication "should be objective and explanatory, not biased or polemical" and "should not be - or liable to be - misrepresented as being party political".
Any new fortifications by all parties should be lifted in Amran, Hamedan and Bani Matar through the formation of field committees that are not not biased to any of the parties.
Our demand is that if the Madhya Pradesh government and Chief Minister are not biased then should be a probe by the CBI," said Congress leader, Sanjay Pathak.
Journalists of the times were not biased against the Indians, Mueller maintains, and actually did a good job of describing the battle.