not commercial

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Jason and Dean Crockett kept their freedom after they maintained their cannabis farm, worth more than pounds 5,000, was for personal use, not commercial gain.
BEFORE Kirklees Council takes the final decision as to whether or not commercial development should be allowed to take place on Castle Hill, have all the interested parties addressed the following question?
They were not commercial farmers but hobby farmers.
These special trips to Thailand are not commercial services but done on humanitarian grounds," they said.
It would be easier to swallow if no-one was invited and the entry list for the event was based on sporting and not commercial criteria.
If the rent has been trebled to pounds 100,000 that of course means the school's the order of nuns receive just over pounds 30,000 a year which quite frankly given a site which must be worth pounds 50 million with the building is absolutely ludicrous and is simply not commercial.
Broadgate is the centre of our city - Cathedral Lanes should never have been built - there is a fundamental need for a central area which is not commercial - a meeting place for all, including local citizens, visitors and tourists.
Defending, Phillip Tully asked that Jones be assessed for a possible drug rehabilitation order and said it was not commercial supply.
But they are not commercial bikes - we bought them out of an education catalogue.
It's not commercial, it can be educational and it can inspire people, especially children, to think and feel more imaginatively.
We are not commercial breeders," said senior part-owner Sandy Tait.
He said: "I cannot imagine the clubs wanting to reduce the leagues to 16, and they would only do so if the benefits are solely for the players and not commercial.