not compare with

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But this weekend's display will not compare with the spectacle 2,700 years ago.
The BBC and ITV want a US-style confrontation, but the American situation does not compare with ours.
If you find that your pay rates does not compare with other places summer staff could work, look for alternative sources of funding.
State manufacturing directories are still a useful tool but their utility does not compare with some of the more sophisticated data bases such as the new Dunn's 2 + 2, which classifies industry SIC segments by six- and eight-digit codes.
It quickly became clear that competitors do not compare with Keynote's global reach, speed, and out-of-the-box service.
Former Blind Date host Cilla said it was 'heartbreaking' to lose the items but it did not compare with the ordeal her son Jack, 22, endured.
I too have been to see the memorial to the Llandudno men murdered in a barn at Wormhout and much as that memorial is appreciated it does not compare with the living memorial symbolised by the town twinning.
4 million annual payroll, Top Gun's departure does not compare with other defense-cutback losses for San Diego.
Although the amount of money involved in the Hudson's disputed assessments do not compare with the 10's of millions fought over by the Bass family for One New York Plaza, Boxer said, "very often you get an owner who realizes that in order to get a shot he will finance the cases.
Michael Binnion, President and Chief Financial Officer commented: "The upside potential of the refinery and the chain of gasoline stations does not compare with the Caspian, the Norio Block and our Cretaceous drilling program with AES.
The relevant efforts of Kwik Save and the Co-Op to provide most of the town's food shopping do not compare with the multiplicity of real choice offered in Mold or even Denbigh, which has been allowed much updating.
Still, the first hundred pages of ``Natural Gardening'' do not compare with what comes afterward.