not compliant

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EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, said that the Greek Land Parcel <B Identification System is not compliant with EU rules
The central bank said two of the companies, Penta Stream and Gold Prime had been operating business activities and applying marketing strategies that were not compliant with Section 55A (1) of the Banking Institutions Act,1998 (Act No 2 of 1998) as amended.
Today, there are 1,100 companies which are not compliant with the requirement of clause 35 of shareholding pattern, which means the direction with regard to shareholding pattern has not complied with.
Sergeant Paul Smith, from Custody Management at the force, said in certain circumstances, such as when people are not compliant, are violent or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be detained in a police cell.
If any food is found not compliant with the regulations, it will be withdrawn from the markets with immediate effect.
UK Asset Revolution (UKAR) identified certain loans where the documentation was not compliant with Consumer Credit Act (CCA) requirements.
The NHTSA found that the vehicle's rear seat head restraints may not lock in the upright position after being folded forward, and are therefore not compliant with federal regulations.
iBC Quality Solutions Director, Nizam Bata, says; "We are finding in the industry that care homes undergoing a safeguarding investigation are not compliant with the Care Quality Commission set out to stop the mistreatment of residents.
The two clinics were not compliant with a recently issued set of regulations that establish, among other things, requirements for the size of janitors' closets and staff dressing rooms, guidelines for what medicine clinics must have in stock, and a window for the temperature of operating rooms.
Members heard that while the county is happy to continue looking after the toilets on Bridge Street, they will not take on the ones on the riverside and propose to demolish them as they are not compliant with the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA).
The way these proceedings have been conducted is absolutely not compliant with any principles of justice.