not conform

References in classic literature ?
By this Act all the severe laws against those who did not conform to the Church of England were done away with, and, in consequence, Bunyan was set free.
Because the passions of men will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice, without constraint.
Don't presume to imagine yourselves his superior because he does not conform to your pygmy standard of life.
You have no right,' said Mrs Clennam, always intent on Blandois, however directly she addressed her son, 'to speak to the prejudice of any gentleman (least of all a gentleman from another country), because he does not conform to your standard, or square his behaviour by your rules.
He who would be free,' says a fine thinker, 'must not conform.
Reason for rejection: Offer does not conform to the requirements
7 papers did not conform to AJFAND standards and have been
In addition, the FTB may examine computational or state issues where California does not conform to the federal research credit.
The planet, scientists say, should not exist in its current location as it does not conform to any current theories about how planets come into existence.
A secondary school English language teacher has been referred to investigation by the Alexandria Education Directorate after a student claimed she was prevented from sitting an exam because the teacher believed her clothes did not conform to Sharia.
Summary: DUBAI -- Around 18 per cent of detergents available in UAE markets do not conform to declared weight or volume in its packaging statement, according to a latest study by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, or Esma.
Driving a vehicle when the glass does not conform with regulations.