not connected with

See: immaterial
References in classic literature ?
Are you - on your honour as a lady, now, madam - are you not connected with some newspaper?
Though it is so close to the Castle, it is not connected with it.
Happy will it be if our choice should be directed by a judicious estimate of our true interests, unperplexed and unbiased by considerations not connected with the public good.
The time has gone by when the two lonely women could take an interest in subjects not connected with their own anxieties.
For some reason not connected with any interest in his movements, and which is not now recalled, the time of his departure and that of his return were noted by his mother and sisters, as was attested at his trial for murder.
Now, who can say whether these people were not connected with this gentleman; and that, the blow being struck, the gentleman, who is evidently brave, did not remain to reassure us by his presence, and to prevent our researches being made in a right direction?
It seems improbable then that he is not connected with them," remarked the captain; "possibly a member of this tribe.
Higher up, above the peninsula of Monterey, stands the important town from which it takes its name; but, seated on the borders of a perfect desert, it was not connected with the interior by a network of telegraphic wires, and electricity alone could spread these important news fast enough.
That, however, which you may suppose the most potent to arrest my imagination, is actually the least: for what is not connected with her to me?
It is not connected with our usual word 'mystery,' but possibly is derived from the Latin 'ministerium,' 'function,' which was the name applied to the trade-guild as an organization and from which our title
Everything not connected with the execution of the prince's orders did not interest and did not even exist for Alpatych.
They are not connected with each other, but tell of all manner of things.