not contradictory

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This sort of barter is not contradictory to nature, nor is it any species of money-getting; but is necessary in procuring that subsistence which is so consonant thereunto.
In the Republic the ideas are spoken of in two ways, which though not contradictory are different.
The repayment of the loan and (or) the interest may be effected by the Borrower in advance, without written notice to the Lender of the loan repayment, by means of transfer of the loan to the bank details specified in the contract or otherwise not contradictory to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (offset of mutual claims, assignment of a claim, etc.
Al-Gizouli said the One Nation Movement believes that the education (an approach adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood) and the Jihadist approaches are complementary not contradictory, stressing both approaches contribute to achieve renaissance of the Islamic nation.
It's not contradictory because I believe that while no Newcastle fan should be happy, nothing is going to change until there is a change of owner.
We welcome honest investors, but we also want Egyptians to benefit from investments in projects; these two things are not contradictory.
Izz-Eddin has given a directive to refer all tabled regulations to the Assembly's Legislation and Justice Committee and other specialized committees for reviewing and to get assured that they are not contradictory with higher laws.
One of the transitional justice outcomes in the NDC stated that the conference [aims to establish the procedures for national reconciliation and settle all conflicts in such a way that ensures victims' rights, that is not contradictory to transitional justice, and that provides guarantees to ensure that such conflicts will not recur].
Today's package proves that tackling the two issues simultaneously is not contradictory, but mutually reinforcing.
Public safety and respect for the public are not contradictory.
The country needs real reforms, not contradictory steps," Venizelos said after the meeting, Xinhua reported.
Strengthening the hand of the opposition is not contradictory to holding talks", the French diplomat said, briefing reporters on condition he was not further identified.