not deadly

See: nontoxic
References in classic literature ?
This is directly in line with the fact that the bomb was lightly charged, and that its explosion at Everhard's feet was not deadly.
He landed three blows to Rivera's one, but they were punishing blows only, and not deadly.
deep violet blue - not deadly calm, but covered with glinting breakers - diminutive white specks twinkling on its bosom, and scarcely to be distinguished, by the keenest vision, from the little seamews that sported above, their white wings glittering in the sunshine: only one or two vessels were visible, and those were far away.
The chikungunya virus is highly uncomfortable but not deadly.
He may say it with flowers - and luckily they're not deadly nightshade - but will he admit he has blood on his hands when she finds Carl's bloodied mobile phone in his house?
Or there's places like Laos, where they have the world's biggest spider, the giant huntsman, which has a leg span of more than a foot and is apparently poisonous but not deadly.
Although all the sinkholes are not deadly, many sinkhole disasters have been reported worldwide that have killed several people.
The nation should focused on human development, not deadly weapons advised the letter.
National budgets should focus on building human capacity, not deadly weapons, the UN chief said in the message.
An adder bite, though usually not deadly, is painful and can trigger some unpleasant symptoms, as this man discovered.
JCC has provided audiences with so much pleasure over the years, but there has also been pain - his former relationship with heroin was damaging but, thankfully, not deadly.