not dispose of

See: hold, possess
References in classic literature ?
It does not dispose of their strange human souls to know that they were exhibited to the world as impossibly impeccable wax works, who never looked after a woman or knew the meaning of a bribe.
4 out of 5 tribunals could not dispose of the cases for different reasons and their period was extended repeatedly.
The insured acquired the Pontiac (second auto) after issuance of the policy and before the expiration of the policy; however, insured did not dispose of the Monte Carlo on the policy because insured maintained possession of the vehicle (no disposition) and it was not inoperable at the time of the replacement.
Concerning the argument of the doctors who opposed this bill and related to the lack of equipment in hospitals, the Minister recognised that some hospitals do not dispose of the necessary equipment.
The court while expressing regret remarked it could not dispose of this case.
Do not dispose of your black and white set when you get a new model.
Another 25 fines were issued to people who dropped litter, three to people who did not dispose of food waste properly - but just four were issued to dog owners.
The Interior Ministry does not dispose of the needed money to replace the old equipment with new one and thus we count on European financing.
Mr Letwin has agreed he will not dispose of documents in this way again.
Private trash hauler Waste Management, by comparison, would charge roughly $530 a year and would not dispose of yard waste.
Under the law of the bankruptcy and the court decision Ester Holdings Corp, which owned JSC "Crystal", is by far the debtor and can not dispose of the property, Tazabek publication was told by special administrator of "Crystal" Kubanychbek Abakirov.
Summary: DUBAI - The Dubai Municipality (DM) is getting stricter on food outlets and cleaning companies which do not dispose of waste cooking oil and fats properly.