not equate

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The payable dividend amount shall not equate to less than the level recommended by Rosimuschestvo for companies with state ownership interest.
He called on the international community to reject extremism, urged Muslims to reject those who distort Islam and non-Muslims to stop ignoring the fact that Islam did not equate with terror.
LATEST planning permission figures from the Government show a welcome increase in permissions being granted - but do not equate to homes being built, according to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).
His lawyer asked court to acquit his client as the act of kissing the woman's hand does not equate to the charges against him.
In essence, legitimacy does not equate to power -- and certainly not while there is little stomach in the international community as a whole to become embroiled in Libya again.
The fact that a payment of 10-million-dollar was made to an approved program above board does not equate to bribery," said Mbalula.
Invernizzi was keen to point out that 'entry-level' does not equate to a product of inferior quality.
Our conclusion is that sapphire alone will not equate to an unbreakable iPhone, in fact the brittleness of sapphire glass poses significant problems for engineers to overcome, and we have serious doubts that it will outperform Gorilla Glass.
Most emphatically, "The Human Life Equation" provides an evidentiary argument that the Bible does not equate abortion with murder.
Sir Ronnie, who said he never saw the wording of the letters issued by the Government, made clear that did not equate to him being comfortable with the process, stressing victims of the Troubles "mean everything" to him.
While football does not equate with jobs and education, it does carry high social value to community identity and civic pride.
In the speech, which garnered much attention for other comments directed at recent intelligence leaks, he said: "Knowing of an individual does not equate to knowing everything about them.