not extraordinary

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We have seen or heard of many extraordinary young men who never ripened, or whose performance in actual life was not extraordinary.
Is it not extraordinary that a burglary--and a burglar who had had some previous experience--should deliberately break into a house at a time when he could see from the lights that two of the family were still afoot?
Do her justice, ladies," he said; "is it not extraordinary that the daughter of an auctioneer should appear as well as she does?
The audio quality produced by the device is decent not extraordinary.
3Ghz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage offering smooth and speedy but not extraordinary use.
But Rickie believes his actions were not extraordinary.
Jacobs humbly said her action towards the Muslim woman was not the story; it was not extraordinary or heroic.
In a statement, central bank first deputy chairman, Alexey Simanovsky, said that the current economic situation in the Russian economy and the domestic banking sector is not extraordinary or critical.
If the cause of the technical problem is one which is 'inherent in the normal exercise of the activity of the air carrier concerned' then it necessarily follows that it is also within the control of the carrier and therefore not extraordinary.
So the problem with the fuel valve in this week's case was So the problem with the fuel valve in this week's case was simply down to wear and tear and the court quite rightly took a common sense approach to this and held that wear and tear is entirely ordinary and therefore not extraordinary.
That is not extraordinary drought," said Ronald Gertson, a rice farmer in Wharton County who is a regular at public hearings and stakeholder meetings on the issue.
I wanted the performers to have a very human quality onstage, so that they are not extraordinary technicians, but real people you see on the sidewalk.