not extreme

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Asked whether it would be the worst summer in Oman's history, Duffey said the temperature over the past few months has been warm but not extreme.
Taylor then said he meant those cases were rare, not extreme.
Let's not forget that the principal driver in the recruitment of Muslims in Britain for terrorism is the UK's wars in the Middle East not extreme Muslim clerics.
Murray's chief concern was that the cramp came on after a relatively short time and in conditions that, although hot, were not extreme.
And what transpired on a hot but not extreme New York day caught him totally by surprise.
In conditions that were hot but not extreme, the Scot struggled badly with cramp during the last two sets but survived to win 6-3 7-6 (8/6) 1-6 7-5.
Connections will check on going conditions before tomorrow to ensure they are not extreme, but Kingman is expected to be the star of the show.
That they constructed a European Union that has nothing to do with the Europe we envisioned, a Europe that promotes peace not war, a Europe that stands by democracy and not extreme Nazi movements.
Academics at the University of Sheffield have shown the ship wasn't as unlucky as previously thought, by using data on iceberg locations dating back to 1913 which shows that 1912 was a significant ice year but not extreme.
Valuations on UK equities, while not extreme, are now above long-term averages, having gained 14 percent in 2013 on the back of the huge quantities of cash that major central banks have pumped into the financial sector.
Pardew is thought to have issued some home truths in the aftermath to the derby -day defeat, but he said: "it was not extreme in terms of performance.
Not extreme fishing, more revisiting his home county, for eight weeks.