not forget

See: remember
References in classic literature ?
Do not forget The trivialest point, or you may lose your labor
And that other child--not on the hearth--he would not forget it; he would see that it was well provided for.
One does not forget such experiences, and, in human stupidity, cannot be brought to realise that there is no immutable law which decrees that same things shall produce same results.
But Goldboru was unhappy, for she could not forget the disgrace that had come upon her.
Ask him to your house occasionally, and talk to him of Frederica, that he may not forget her.
I do not forget them," replied Carthoris, but he did not tell Jav that he remembered something else that the Lotharian had let drop--something that was but a conjecture, possibly, and yet one well worth pinning a forlorn hope to, should necessity arise.
I do not forget," replied the Earl, "and it is because I remember, that my sword remains in its scabbard.
Then D'Artagnan, disposed to become the most tender of lovers, was at the same time a very devoted friend, In the midst of his amorous projects for the mercer's wife, he did not forget his friends.
And naturally,' said Mr Blandois, replacing the watch and stepping backward to his former chair, 'you do not forget.
I did not forget to strengthen my case by informing her of the jealousies she would encounter, and the obstacles she would meet, if she went on the stage.
But do not forget that although I am only a bird, I CAN TALK LIKE A MAN--and I know these people.
And here let us not forget how much more easy it is to receive foreign fleets into our ports, and foreign armies into our country, than it is to persuade or compel them to depart.