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The Huddersfield players won't receive any individual mementos for finishing top but that doesn't bother Brough, who added: "I'm not fussy about a medal because we all know a winner's ring at Old Trafford is the big prize.
Mum loves her food - she's not fussy at all, I can't think of anything she doesn't like to eat.
By adding the exclamation mark and winky face, I assumed she'd click that I meant he's not fussy and would eat anything.
In all there are 89 votes in the Corporate Class and the entire election process can end in one hour or little more provided voters are not fussy and turn up early.
The Gatwick Express has come back with a reminder that the railway from Victoria is not fussy what sort of bike you use.
These are not fussy frills, but tasty treats that look homemade.
And Currin's technique, stiff but more than adequate, dry but not fussy, betokens too much effort for the sake of mere snide laughter.
But a veteran sergeant with psychotic tendencies (Scott Glenn) is determined to root out corruption and is not fussy how much violence he has to use, especially when Elwood takes up with his rebellious daughter Robyn (Anna Paquin).
Small arms are not fussy about the company they keep," states the video's narrator.
The perfect centerpiece for outdoor dining suits the spirit and nature of entertaining outside; it's elegant but casual, beautiful but not fussy This centerpiece--low, outdoor-friendly and easy to make--fills the bill.
We're not fussy whether people get the idea from one of our brochures or an advertisement in a magazine or a poster in a store as long as the light bulb turns on.
The nights I swear last forever Whatever the weather At the crack of dawn I raise my weary head Yet still I prefer to get out of bed A hearty breakfast I normally eat Then it's back to bed for some natural sleep The Early Bird The early bird catches the worm Hot and fresh and very firm The birds awaken ever so soon They require a nap round about noon They feed their chicks with whatever they can find The chicks are not fussy they don't really mind When the sun goes down its time for bed They nest in the roof of the garden shed Early to bed and very early they rise To me the dawn chorus comes as no surprise Both poems by George McLanders