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All the treasure he took with him in his ships to Troy--would that he had sooner perished--he will restore, and will add yet further of his own, but he will not give up the wedded wife of Menelaus, though the Trojans would have him do so.
Dear Miss Woodhouse, I would not give up the pleasure and honour of being intimate with you for any thing in the world.
That he got him in love with another woman; and that I might know, after all that, that he should not give up for a few airs and tears, and things of that sort.
She stopped, seeing that I perceived the sense of that conditional-- stopped long enough for me to give some sign which I did not give.
Could Bishop Henry be asked why his fellow bishops did not give him support over the Martin issue?
Let's not give up on secession; it's our only hope.
14, 2001 field memorandum, the IRS discussed several scenarios in which exclusive provider arrangements might not give rise to unrelated business income tax (UBIT).
The company DPBM will not give out any information that is not contained there.
On a calling attention notice in NA, federal minister Khurshid Shah said a joint secretary of defense ministry had come to give briefing in respect of calling attention notice but he had refused to get briefing saying that until secretary defense did not give briefing in person he would not get briefing from any junior officer.
The cardinal explained that a priest must not give Communion unless it is a surprise occasion and "he does not have the time to reflect.
Mrs Thomas said the council did not give him an opportunity to give his side of the story, terminated his licence without considering all the evidence and did not give him four weeks to wind up his operations.
Added Councilwoman Janice Hahn: ``This is an example of how we took something going down the wrong path and we turned it around so we can honor a great man as Cesar Chavez deserves, but not give up a holiday important to people in preserving the Christopher Columbus holiday.