not hear

See: disregard
References in classic literature ?
I did not hear much, for the hostler was rubbing me down, but I could see that James looked very happy, and I thought the master was proud of him.
She did not hear half of what he was saying; she felt panic-stricken before him, and was thinking whether it was true that Vronsky was not killed.
The maid wept all night long, and said, 'I freed you in the wild wood out of the iron stove; I have sought you, and have crossed a glassy mountain, three sharp swords, and a great lake before I found you, and will you not hear me now?
And just then I could not hear any more, for my cousin called from below to tell me Mrs.
Oh, yes, I heard the voices, but I did not hear what they said.
He went from his dressing room, and I did not hear him go.
Plenty of Londoners did not hear of the Martians until the panic of Monday morn- ing.
More I did not hear, except for some flying exclamations of "What negligence and carelessness
You thought the waiter must not hear, as if he cared
Tess, who was reaching up to get the tea-things from the corner-cupboard, did not hear these commentaries.
If the people did not hear Zat Arras' charge, they certainly did hear the verdict of the tribunal.
Evidently the visitor did not hear the warning sound, for almost immediately he entered the hut--a tall, naked, savage warrior.