not honorable

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No," said he; "I should not dare to relate this to Athos; the way is therefore not honorable.
At least Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had the good sense, if not honorable duty, to veto it.
France's history with Syria is not honorable for a great democratic country, and this appears to be being corrected under President Francois Hollande.
Hackers had described Shireen as not being fit to be a symbol of Egyptian music because according to them her history is not honorable enough, reported the internet website MBC.
In cultures where start-ups are considered risky and not honorable, it's hard for entrepreneurs to find troops to play the non-starring roles.
If you are not honorable enough to fight without prejudice, go home
in a race that was not honorable at all," Rose al-Youssef said.
In addition, they can be easily manipulated by those whose motives are not honorable.
I've received many offers from many clubs but most of them were not honorable enough for my club to consider.
Leaving a legacy such as Falwell has is certainly not honorable unless, of course, you agree with him, which, fortunately, many do not.
Lying to the FBI and a grand jury is not honorable behavior, but how many people do we hear about being successfully prosecuted, following a lengthy and expensive investigation, and, as is likely in Libby's case, spending some time in jail?