not ideal

See: faulty
References in classic literature ?
Considered purely as a situation, his present position was not ideal.
At first, he began to doubt the reality of his adventures, but the acute pain in his shoulders when he attempted to rise, assured him that the kicking of the goblins was certainly not ideal.
She does have questions to answer, with the likelihood of fast ground not ideal.
This is not ideal in terms of player preparation and recovery time.
He'll suffer from a bit of jet lag - it's not ideal but that's what we're dealing with.
Where I can see why they're not ideal for coaches, is when the fixture is their weekly game.
I have teenage girls so being away months at a time is not ideal but I have to find work.
ITALY coach Nick Mallett admits the decision to play flanker Mauro Bergamasco at scrum-half in Saturday's Six Nations opener against England is not ideal but claims injuries have forced his hand.
95p dish, available with chicken, lamb or vegetables, is not ideal for those watching their waistlines.
Some polyolefin suppliers are not likely to support this futures launch, while others--even Basell's Trautz--feel that current conditions are not ideal due the tightness of both PE and PP, which would make supply assurance more difficult.
These professionals realize that older "legacy systems," which involve downloading software onto onsite computers, and all the associated costs of update fees, back-ups, equipment obsolescence and regular IT personnel visits are not ideal solutions for managed properties.
Our rates are not set by us - they're set by our underwriters and although it's not ideal, we have given a quote.