not improper

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After the vegetable products of this country, it seems not improper to mention the animals which are found in it, of which here are as great numbers, of as many different species, as in any country in the world: it is infested with lions of many kinds, among which are many of that which is called the lion royal.
Desilets stressed the case manager was not improper in the way she handled the situation because up until that point, no "firm policy'' was in place related to well-being checks on individuals in rooms.
In a statement, Ted Koenig, President and CEO of Monroe Capital said, "Upon further investigation, it is clear that Warren's actions were not improper.
If a client comes to you with a problem, you have to be truthful with them, but it's not improper to try.
But Ofgem said the unnamed sellers of the six lowball trades that day have given "credible" explanations to "demonstrate that their trading activity was not improper.
Regulators said they were satisfied with evidence provided to them by traders which explained the transactions and market movements were not improper.
American Airlines (AA) believes a mechanical issue, not improper maintenance, caused rows of seats on two of its Boeing 757s to repeatedly come loose during flights.
Unsurprisingly, the essays typically reflect common Israeli perspectives on these issues, with the article on the right of return, for example, finding little merit to the argument that Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return to their ancestral lands while simultaneously justifying Israel's Law of Return as an integral aspect of the Jewish right to self-determination and therefore not improper discrimination under international law.
Further, it was not improper for the defendants' experts to rely, in part, upon those reports in formulating their opinions.
STORM: How the story He adds: "One thing is clear to all, if I had given Mr Bashir what he wanted he would not have released these tapes so that shows my decision making was not improper in any way.
As if this were not improper enough, he later sought to sell the land he had received at a discounted rate to benefit from the going market rates.
Ethics Opinion 87-9, which is one being reconsidered as part of the Supreme Court's request, found that it was not improper for a former Supreme Court justice to use his former title below his signature in nonlegal correspondence with other lawyers and judges.