not long past

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Former England international Francis became Blues youngest ever player when he made his debut not long past his 16th birthday in September 1970.
Born at the time when Superman and Austin were not long past their TV prime but were still in most boys' satchels.
For a player with such drive, it would be easy for Lukaku to be bitter at his treatment from Chelsea - after signing for PS17million from Anderlecht not long past his 18th birthday.
SIR - There was a time, not long past, when the Conservatives had one of the best PR machines in British politics.
And not long past the Kyle of Sutherland lies the family home of the Sutherlands - Dunrobin Castle.
Players of the Buzztime "I Love The New Millennium" trivia game will reminisce on years not long past while testing their knowledge on a range of pop-culture topics including Reality TV, MySpace, Napoleon Dynamite and pre-rehab Britney Spears.
In the world's history, the days when the Church advanced its cause with the sword, are not long past.
Oregon has a shameful history, not long past, of mistreatment of Native Americans, and the images used to depict them must be evaluated in that context.
NOT long past his third birthday and my son is already bidding for a job with the Ministry of Health.
From then on it was simply a case of how many the visitors might end up with, the closest they came being when Blake again had the ball in the net not long past the hour, cleverly deflecting home Kevin Cooper's shot, only to be pulled up for offside.
It is time, if not long past time, for AT&T to stop complaining and start competing.