not nervous

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I'm not nervous this time," said the Story Girl, "but the first time I recited I was.
No, papa, I'm not nervous," said Eva, controlling herself, suddenly, with a strength of resolution singular in such a child.
You are not nervous sleeping alone, I hope," I said hastily.
Aqeel Khan said he was not nervous at all rather he was aware that the ball is in his court.
I know what I'm doing these days, so I'm not nervous about presenting a new show, but I want it to go down well.
If you're not nervous on Saturday morning then we should get out of the game, you should not be involved in football especially in such an important game.
JURGEN KLOPP told Liverpool fans he was "convinced" about Liverpool's transfer strategy and told fans he was not nervous about the lack of new arrivals so far.
Pictures) was not nervous to work with him and not nervous with how he would be.
That doesn't mean we're not squeamish about the process and not nervous about where it leads.
He was a Flat horse, but he is not nervous, has a good pedigree and a lot of ability.
LOS ANGELES -- Pharrell Williams says he's not nervous about Friday's Grammy nominations, but he's definitely excited to see how it plays out.
We are concerned but not nervous because it is still our responsibility to resupply and change the troops stationed there," Gazmin said.