not obscure

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The short winter day, as I perceived from the far-declined sun, was already approaching its close; a chill frost-mist was rising from the river on which X stands, and along whose banks the road I had taken lay; it dimmed the earth, but did not obscure the clear icy blue of the January sky.
However, that should not obscure the fact that when Robinson did play Blues beat Brentford, QPR, Leeds and Bolton and kept three clean sheets.
If we want to attract visitors back to Whitley Bay, we need to celebrate, and not obscure, our natural resources.
Broadcast, cable, web and print organizations may excerpt unrestricted portions of this debate but clips may not obscure station logo on video or in screen grabs of broadcast.
That we Americans, at the remove of a century-and-a-half, still vigorously debate the causes and course of our Civil War should not obscure or stain the character of those who served with honor and courage.
WHILE it has been very useful to have the recent debate on nuclear power safety, this must not obscure other key issues.
Plans, originally submitted in 2009 were approved on the basis the transparent upper floor would not obscure the view of nearby St Barnabas's church.
Abductees' crisis to escalation after "deal" ASSAFIR: Why Washington warns its citizens from traveling to Lebanon Captured military servicemen file: "secrecy" does not obscure mismanagement AL-MUSTAQBAL: March 14: Hezbollah's deal undermines state authority AL-AKHBAR: State warns Ain el Helwe Camp THE DAILYSTAR: Hariri to highlight urgency of dialogue Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri is expected to highlight Thursday the need for dialogue between his Future Movement and Hezbollah to facilitate the election of a president and defuse Sunni-Shiite tensions, an MP from his party said.
However, he adds that this should not obscure the broader geographies and businesses contributing to performance such as Emerging Markets, Japan, and ViiV, as well as an increasingly important contribution from new products.
The fact is, you have made changes following it; but in any event these events, tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress Kazakhstan has made.
Have a straight, horizontal roof and make sure any trees or pillars do not obscure the words.
Exceeding the number of passengers normally allowed in a car is also strictly prohibited, and all signs and decorations must not obscure the view of the driver, including that on the rear-view mirror.