not occupied

See: vacant
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It was chiefly at night, when he was not occupied in his loom, that he fell into this repetition of an act for which he could have assigned no definite purpose, and which can hardly be understood except by those who have undergone a bewildering separation from a supremely loved object.
That great position is not occupied by yourself alone, but by--ha--by me, and--ha hum--by us.
To complete the deception, an extra plate was laid, and when we sat down to table one chair was not occupied.
Tonight she asks to sleep in your empty house--a house which you do not care about, and which you have not occupied for over a year.
On getting into this vehicle we were fortunate enough to find the fourth inside place not occupied.
During my last year at Hampton every minute of my time that was not occupied with my duties as janitor was devoted to hard study.
Mrs Quilp too was the partner of young Trent, and for every look that passed between them, and every word they spoke, and every card they played, the dwarf had eyes and ears; not occupied alone with what was passing above the table, but with signals that might be exchanging beneath it, which he laid all kinds of traps to detect; besides often treading on his wife's toes to see whether she cried out or remained silent under the infliction, in which latter case it would have been quite clear that Trent had been treading on her toes before.
Frances' thoughts, during this interval, I know not, nor did I attempt to guess them; I was not occupied in searching her countenance, nor in otherwise troubling her composure.
I cannot find him, Miss Strong, and"--he hesitated--"I have learned that his berth was not occupied last night.
The spear-hand paused, the black cast a quick glance in the direction of the disturbance, as did the others of the blacks who were not occupied with the subjugation of the ape-man.
When we are not occupied in making machinery, we are (mentally speaking) the most slovenly people in the universe.
Curiously enough, his pain in the affair beforehand had consisted almost entirely in the sense that he must seem dishonorable, and sink in the opinion of the Garths: he had not occupied himself with the inconvenience and possible injury that his breach might occasion them, for this exercise of the imagination on other people's needs is not common with hopeful young gentlemen.