not required

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Emma was not required, by any subsequent discovery, to retract her ill opinion of Mrs.
Captain Bonneville remained behind for a few days, that he might secretly prepare caches, in which to deposit everything not required for current use.
He promised to call occasionally without fee, and, for a short time, he kept his word, but his benevolence soon wearied of performing offices that really were not required.
It was settled that I am to attend six hours daily (for, happily, it was not required that I should live in the house; I should have been sorry to leave my lodgings), and, for this, Mrs.
You are not required to 'suppose' things for the party, Ferguson.
Many members use personal Bibles during this ceremony, but it is not required.
902 corporation is not required to close and conform books and records maintained for foreign-law purposes, whether or not foreign law requires such books and records to be maintained on the basis of a different year.
43) The regulation further instructs that a biological or legal relationship is not required for someone to be considered an employee's son or daughter because "[p]ersons who are 'in loco parentis' include those with day-to-day responsibilities to care for and financially support a child.
ii) Any disclosures required by paragraphs (a) or (b) of this section that are provided by electronic media are not required to be provided orally.
It provides that elevators are not required in new construction or alteration of facilities that are less than three stories or have less than 3,000 square feet per story, unless the building is a shopping center, shopping mall, health care provider, or type of facility that the Attorney General determines requires elevators.
Definitions for telecommunications and related services are not required to be adopted by member states until 2008, although some states have already begun adopting them.
Based on our perception of the upscale market, Lilker advocated for providing a separate exhaust outlet from each apartment's kitchen, even though it was not required by code.