not submit

References in classic literature ?
But it was not merely a falsehood, it was the cruel jeer of some wicked power, some evil, hateful power, to whom one could not submit.
If he replied and argued, it was only because he wished to maintain his independence and not submit to Speranski's opinions entirely.
But I could not submit to be thrown off in that way, and I made a passionate, almost an indignant, appeal to him to be more frank and manly with me.
I will submit even to what is unreasonable from my father, but I will not submit to it from you.
I may have been mistaken, gentlemen,” returned the youth, ‘but I had pride, and could not submit to such an exposure as this day even has reluctantly brought to light.
I came, madame, intending to complain energetically, and to inform you that I will not submit to such behavior from the Duke of Buckingham.
I will not submit to be penned in between four men there, and four men there.
As White Fang watched Weedon Scott approach, he bristled and snarled to advertise that he would not submit to punishment.
Do you not see now that I could not submit my soul to yours, by working hopelessly at what I have no belief in--Dorothea?
I tell you not to Fanny me, for I'll not submit to it
They reflect handsome faces, simpering faces, youthful faces, faces of threescore and ten that will not submit to be old; the entire collection of faces that have come to pass a January week or two at Chesney Wold, and which the fashionable intelligence, a mighty hunter before the Lord, hunts with a keen scent, from their breaking cover at the Court of St.
And whether you did not submit to be coughed and groaned down in the very first debate of the session, and have since made no effort to effect a reform in this respect?