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Airtel's name also figures in the list as its ad claims to offer ' Airtel Broadband-- 60 GB @ ` 1,099 with unlimited calls' was not substantiated with evidence of scheme.
Prosecutors' evidence is not substantiated enough to indict the suspects, 32-year-old R.
But he dismissed suggestions there could be a second industrial revolution based on shale in the near future as not substantiated by evidence.
After Jeish Al-Adl claimed late February that it has killed Danayee-Far, Zolfaqari rejected the claim and said it was not substantiated by any proof or evidence.
My organization reviewed a lot of allegations about Burma's nuclear efforts and we thought most of them were not substantiated.
The Pentagon said "allegations of professional misconduct (against Allen) were not substantiated by the investigation," press secretary George Little said.
However, Der Spiegel's report was not substantiated by the central bank and the next Governing Council meeting is not until September 6, at which further details of possible bond market intervention are expected to be announced.
The study's authors examined the science behind the marketing and found that more than half of 104 performance enhancing products made claims which were not substantiated by any evidence.
POCC's review led to the conclusion that either: some or all of these 31 fatalities were not substantiated as child abuse under the state's Child Protective Services Law (CPSL); or that cases were indeed substantiated, but for some other reason were not included in the Department of Public Welfare's Annual Child Abuse Reports or state statistics.
All these allegations were not substantiated by their authors.
She looks at sport, art, food, entertainment, gardening, medicine, letters from home, music, theatricals and religion although this section does not get the attention it deserves and her assertion that 'padres were not universally popular' is not substantiated.
Christofias said the findings were not substantiated and accused investigator Polys Polyviou of overstepping his mandate by making suggestions and assessments concerning foreign policy.