not to the point

See: irrelevant
References in classic literature ?
They interrupted him, for this was not to the point.
Sitting out: Rookie guard Jordan Farmar's sprained ankle has improved, but not to the point where Jackson felt comfortable dressing him Friday.
Brownfield sites are those considered abandoned or under-used and often contaminated though not to the point that they qualify for Superfund cleanup efforts.
Theory here, in the Continental tradition, is explicitly philosophical, and to my American eyes fresh but somehow often not to the point, and certainly not highly relevant to social science's peculiar role in the "Science Wars" argument.
Plaintiffs' failure to show a motive for the firm's conduct could weaken its case but not to the point of dismissal.
We're not to the point where he has been down so long that he will need a number of games, but we just want to see where he's at.
It (the landing study) is not to the point where it can provide any kind of infidelity,'' said NASA spokesman Kyle Herring.
It was hurting (in practice), but not to the point where I thought it was broken.
It's feeling better, but it's not to the point where it's 100 percent,'' Olowokandi said.
Some businesses continued to conserve during Friday's Stage 2 alert, which meant power reserves were low but not to the point as the day before when blackouts were a possibility.
And they're still not to the point where we feel we should even put a bar up.
It's not to the point where we're alarmed by it,'' he said.