not working

See: unemployed
References in classic literature ?
When she slipped through the door under the ivy, she saw he was not working where she had left him.
The reason she went ashore was because it was not working.
He rebutted a number of reasons which had been given for the camera not working.
Similarly, at Janakpuri Super- Specialty Hospital, nine of 19 CCTVs are not working.
In the fourth quarter of 2013, 31 percent were not working, something that has barely improved in the last five years.
iMessage Not Working is one of the most widespread user issues that has been frequently reported by iOS 7 users in recent times.
They are not working so the Government cuts even more," she added.
There is going to be a full-blown inquiry into the car insurance industry after competition watchdogs said the market was not working well for consumers.
The only people not working hard are those in the Cabinet who produced a Queen's Speech last week devoid of policies to boost growth.
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) on Monday said that flights are operating normally at Suvarnabhumi Airport and are not affected by some THAI maintenance staff not working overtime.
Dr Park cuts a two-inch section into the spine then identifies which nerves are not working by sending a current through each.
It's not working for Britain because unemployment is going up.