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In 2014, NOTA was first introduced in Lok Sabha elections.
The Tamil Nadu assembly election in 2016 showed that "the number of votes for NOTA exceeded the victory margin in 25 of the 232 seats, about 11%.
The petition, moved by senior Congress leaders Anand Sharma and Manish Tewari, said NOTA in indirect elections such as that of Rajya Sabha was in direct conflict with proportional representation system by means of single transferable vote.
11] (Aunque esto tal vez no invalide proponer una, un poco difusa, al hilo de lo escrito en los ultimos cien anos, y que encuentra a la nota a pie de pagina como parte constitutiva del mundo mental del protagonista, como en el relato de J.
If the Nota vote wins in the positions of President and Vice President, petitioners said the 1987 Constitution has a solution: if no President was chosen, the Vice President-elect shall act as President until a President shall have been qualified.
Observaram-seque os clones novo e velho apresentaram medias 2,33 e 2,67 para coloracao da base do broto, respectivamente, contrastando da nota 2 (equivalente a vermelho-purpura), caracteristica da cultivar, mas nao o suficiente para ser classificada como azul-purpura (nota 3).
I've got a girl who's 10 years old who has overcome a real problem with her weight," Nota concludes, giving a direct example of how teaching kids to understand their own health is such a benefit:
Luego de haber resaltado la importancia del texto deportivo y mas particularmente de la nota beisbolera, nos parece importante hacer hincapie en el rol que juega el titular de dicha nota.
Nota Bella, conducted by Garry Jones and accompanied by Head of Music, Richard Marr, is a non-auditioned, close-harmony group involving fifty students from all year groups.
Nota also shared the relevance of Philips' new brand positioning, which it launched in Novembes.