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The 1,046 tables constructed for this reference notate the players who won during each round of men's chess competitions held in Europe, the Soviet Bloc, North America, South America, and Australia.
ScoreCleaner is a notation tool that enables musicians, composers, teachers and ensemble leaders to notate music instantly while they play.
Those who have followed Gallagher's work will have learned, for example, that Blubber's "commas" stand for a cartoonish wig, a glyph for "girl," while the "eyes" and ellipsoid "lips" (seen here in Spoor, 2001, Purgatorium, 2000, and Bubbel, 2000, notate the caricatured and dismembered black body.
Finale, the world's premiere notation software, sets a new standard with powerful new features designed to enhance how musicians compose, arrange, notate and teach music on a personal computer.
I find this tool especially useful if I already know what I want to notate or when entering chords.