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fetus cause IE in Thailand highlight the noteworthiness of emerging zoonotic pathogens in this region.
All of this upheaval and cost, will do absolutely nothing to increase the footfall into the town, or increase spending, because there are no shops of any noteworthiness to shop in.
This study was not double-blinded, randomised or placebo-controlled, and was limited by the small female sample size; however, the noteworthiness lies in the ease with which elevated homocysteine levels can be reduced with increased intake of folate, thus reducing colorectal adenoma development and CC risk.
Slavery and annexationist desires for Cuba made the island a location that implicitly gave her letters a certain noteworthiness in and beyond national borders.
I tried after reading the book's review to remember some of my talks with Philby, or the 'third man' in Beirut, but could not recall anything of importance or noteworthiness.
Latterly Hollywood's leading ladies Juliette Lewis and Zooey Deschanel have successfully sought to wrestle this unwanted reputation back from their male counterparts by producing albums of fiery rock noteworthiness in Lewis' case and winsome pop loveliness on the part of Deschanel.
But I will begin with a brief introduction to the issue of bhikkhuni ordination in Sri Lanka in order to highlight the noteworthiness of the event itself.
Of particular noteworthiness was the absence of non-Christian RBSs, which may have brought a unique perspective to the study.
27) Besides the normative matters, other developments have still not become a subject of study despite their noteworthiness.
Yet for all the thumping noteworthiness of Stoute and Ballymacoll's harvest, this was an afternoon that lacked the sort of zip and vibrancy that made it feel like a special sporting occasion.