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Simplicity, he says, is paradoxical, complexity unproblematic, and nothingness self-contradictory.
The concept of nothingness informs Nishida's view of death, which clearly contrasts to a general Western view of death.
The sense of nothingness is powerful, but so is the sense of desire; it pops up when you least expect it, and it must be explained away as quickly as possible, to let the sense of nothingness replace it again.
A FROZEN sea of nothingness as dismal Danc ing On Ice went back to school and we learned that nobody likes Anthea Millicent Turner.
2012 is 2, which is the last and only even number of the prime numbers in descending order, as one is neither a composite nor a prime number hence after it follows nothingness or zero.
McCulloch teamed up with the Manics on the song Some Kind Of Nothingness from their 2010 Postcards From A Young Man album.
Simon Pegg, Sarah Millican, James May and Jonathan Ross help Brian show how diamonds are made up of nothingness.
Waiting brings up the existential theme of nothingness that occupies both texts.
Between or Nothingness can be cognitively understood at all without
The Power of O: How Sacred Places will Reveal the Secrets of Oneness, Nothingness, Orgasms" is a new age style spirituality book as Marcus Raphael reflects on his own thoughts and travels, channeling the mysticism and magic of many cultures.
Beginning from the Greeks, and for a good part of Western history, although in different contexts and manners, Becoming gets to be thought of and lived as the emerging of things from nothingness and their returning to nothingness.
Dreams, darkness, the night's habit, Dots are in my eyes, flickers in my brain, Always thinking, back and forward, Subconscious nothingness, yet aware, Waiting - waiting for something, watching For the daylight - body tired, mind not; Count backwards, think of sheep - relax-relax, What am I doing tomorrow?