notice of claim

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Ainsworth") (TSX:ANS) announced that, pursuant to the Purchase Agreement dated August 25, 2004 between Ainsworth and Potlatch Corporation ("Potlatch"), it has filed a notice of claim with Potlatch for reimbursement of repair and related costs at the three OSB mills purchased from Potlatch in Minnesota.
A notice of claim directed to the Fort Myers Mayor and City Attorney in Lee County shows intent to move forward with a lawsuit.
Lindner also stated that he found it curious that the filing of the lawsuit was the first notice of claim by CCC to Mitchell.
Services include inbound and outbound teleservices, first notice of claim loss, and fulfillment.
Eastern Pulp & Paper Corporation said today that it is reviewing the Notice of Claim filed by the United States government in connection with the past discharge of dioxin into Maine's Penobscot River.
A notice of claim was submitted by the trustee to Frontier Insurance in accordance with the terms of the transaction.
He has supervised environmental coverage claims and lawsuits for London-based insurers, from initial notice of claim through trial and appeal.
According to CBS, a notice of claim is the first step toward suing the city, however, claims are occasionally settled before claimants even file suit.
Vedanta Resources said it would file a notice of claim related to a tax demand of about Rs 205 billion ($3.
Until now, contractors were only able to sue the SCA within three months of submitting a Notice of Claim for example over unforeseen delays or expenses.
Anyone who has made an application for registration but whose name is not recorded in the provisional register, or is included in the omissions list, or has a claim to make about their particulars in the register, can lodge a notice of claim in person during the above-mentioned period.
The court noted the fact that under New York Law a condition precedent for filing suit against a public corporation, such as the hospital, which was operated by the County, is that party has 90 days from the date a claim arises to file a notice of the claim and when a notice of claim is served beyond the required ninety-day period, without leave of court, it is deemed a nullity.

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