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The bill aims to continuously develop and upgrade the list of nationally notifiable diseases and health events of public health concern with their corresponding definitions; enforce mandatory reporting of notifiable diseases and health events of public health concern to the DOH and its local counterparts; and expand collaborations beyond traditional public health partners to include others who may be involved in disease surveillance and response, such as agricultural agencies, veterinarians, law enforcement entities, and transportation agencies, among others.
Making TB a notifiable disease alone will not help unless accompanied by a very sensitive approach that ensures that no negative public health or social justice outcome is allowed to negate the gains made by TB control in the past years.
CDC (1996), "Changes in National Notifiable Diseases Data Presentation," MMWR 1996, 45:41-2.
Likewise, the bill declares the State shall endeavor to: 1) protect the people from public health threats through the efficient and effective disease surveillance of notifiable diseases, including emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, diseases for elimination and eradication, epidemics and health events of public health concern; and 2) provide effective response system in compliance with the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) of the World Health Organization (WHO).
The surveillance process for notifiable diseases in Canada and in other countries where malaria is now an imported disease should be reviewed.
FARMERS' Union of Wales president Gareth Vaughan has reacted angrily to an accusation by Defra that compensating for losses from notifiable diseases could increase the risk of spreading them.
AHT spokeswoman Jan Wade said: "This is not a notifiable disease, and it is unlikely to be made one in the near future.
With only six cases so far in the UK - making it a notifiable disease would not help prevent its spread.
Speculation is mounting that Health Secretary Alan Milburn could announce Sars was being declared a notifiable disease to the Commons today.
In a groundbreaking move to accelerate and improve the quality and delivery of notifiable disease reports to a public health department, TheraDoc Inc.
In Japan, culture-confirmed human anthrax is on the national notifiable disease list, and physicians are required to report all cases to the government.
Anyone who suspects a notifiable disease in any aquatic animal should immediately contact the FHI.