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In 1946, reports of notifiable diseases consisted of summary statistics, transmitted by telegram each week by all state and some city health officers.
Evaluation of the notifiable disease surveillance system in Gauteng Province, South Africa.
We obtained all notifications of tuberculosis to the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System during January 2002-December 2011.
This is because there are only about 500 cases of HIV/AIDS in the country, although official figures are hard to come by despite its being a notifiable disease (doctors are reminded of this by posters on the hospital noticeboards).
It is a notifiable disease to the DVLA's medical division at Swansea, which meant that I had to take a special eye test every three years before my driving licence could be renewed.
BRITAIN may have to declare SARS a notifiable disease if the outbreak continues to spread.
In a groundbreaking move to accelerate and improve the quality and delivery of notifiable disease reports to a public health department, TheraDoc Inc.
So Exercise Walnut will take place on June 12 to 13 2013 and will simulate a UK scale outbreak of CSF to test existing plans and policies for the control and eradication of this significant exotic notifiable disease.
Norovirus is a none notifiable disease, so we don't know how many people may have it, beyond the ones who present to their GP surgeries, or hospitals.
Among the technical subjects up for debate in a packed programme will be the issue of Scab in sheep, which is a notifiable disease in Scotland but not in England.
As dengue fever is a legally notifiable disease in China, the researchers were able to retrieve the monthly incidence of dengue fever from the Notifiable Infectious Disease Report System in the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.
As farmers we have to live with the vagaries of disease and weather, but for a notifiable disease to escape from a government-run facility is inexcusable.