noting down

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The doctor was busy observing the variations of the barometer and noting down the details of his ascent.
He pleased himself by noting down with a pencil, in his big schoolboy handwriting, the various items of his portable property which might be sold for his widow's advantage as, for example, "My double-barril by Manton, say
A thousand miles beyond the last mission station toiled her engineers and spies, clad as coolies, under the guise of itinerant merchants or proselytizing Buddhist priests, noting down the horse-power of every waterfall, the likely sites for factories, the heights of mountains and passes, the strategic advantages and weaknesses, the wealth of the farming valleys, the number of bullocks in a district or the number of labourers that could be collected by forced levies.
There would belong speeches and patient judges listening to my vain plea of innocence, noting down my despair and disregarding it.
When the victim was later seen noting down the registration, she was assaulted again.
It will be brilliant to take in a Bundesliga match and I'm sure Steven Hyndes will have his clipboard with him noting down the tactics
omas Henry Wiles began noting down his experiences of the First World War after landing in France in September 1915 as a soldier in the Royal Field Artillery.
It was on Sunday that I saw a bus almost running down a biker who had stopped on the middle of the main road ( Kalki Devi Marg) and noting down the tele- They distract drivers & can cause accidents phone number of Paras Spring Meadows," Singh added.
A sweet, charming man who began noting down vehicle registrations in a little book back in the 60s, he kick-started the cult that has so far earned the Treasury PS2billion.
Although the police response is certainly understandable in terms of the information required on each form, noting down all the details would not necessarily do much to aid the investigation once Brian had provided them with a detailed description of what had been taken.
To enter, teams must submit a paper entry, noting down their menu, ingredients, methodology and cost breakdowns.
Pictured with WPC Kathryn Ward, the intrepid trio (from left) Sifraz Nazir and brothers Khalid and Tariq Qureshi were given a VIP tour of Cleveland Police headquarters in Middlesbrough after writing to tell police that they were "crimefighters" by looking out for suspicious characters and noting down the numbers of suspected stolen cars.